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Cydney Clanton hits a shot during the final round of the LPGA Qualifying School at LPGA International on December 4, 2011 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Hello People,

I am Cydney Clanton, and I am a Rookie for the 2012 season on the LPGA Tour. This is my first blog, so please be kind. I grew up in Concord, North Carolina. I have three brothers - one older and two younger. I played every sport growing up. It was hard not to with three brothers. I started playing golf at the age of 10, and decided in the 6th grade that golf was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Although I did play 7th grade basketball, which was the first year in NC that students were allowed to play team sports in school, I played only that year. I skipped a lot of basketball practice to go play in tournaments, but I promised myself I would play, and I never regretted playing. I didn't play another team sport until college.

I played college golf at Auburn University, where I was a two-time All-American and a three-time All-SEC team member. I competed on both the 2010 Curtis Cup Team, and the 2010 World Amateur Team. While at school, I studied business finance, and graduated in May of 2011 with a Business Finance degree. After graduating, I played half a season on the LPGA Futures Tour to prepare myself for LPGA Q-School. Finishing 9th at Q-School guaranteed me a LPGA card. Since then, I have been preparing for the upcoming season.

For the first time in my golfing career, I decided to take some time off. During Christmas I took a trip to Madrid, Spain to visit some teammates. This was the first time I have been out of the Country for pleasure. I have been very blessed that my golf has taken me many places - Scotland, Japan, and South America - but golf was always the focus. There was not much time for sightseeing and fun off the course. It was nice to be able to enjoy and experience the country. It was an awesome trip. Spain is a very beautiful country, and having my own tour guide made it even better.

Once returning to the States, I started my grind for the upcoming season. I will be competing in the first event of the year in Australia, and I am so pumped about it. It has always been my dream to go to Australia. Granted, when I was younger, my vision for traveling to Australia wasn't always golf. It was finding the dream boy with bleach blonde hair and a to-die-for accent. But I can't complain about being able to go to Australia play in my first LPGA event at a world renowned course. I am not going to lie, the course is kinda intimidating, after watching the PGA play it only a few months back!! In preparation for the event, I have stayed focused on my putting and short game. I am working hard now, so that when I get to Australia I will be able to focus strictly on playing and competing. I have done a lot of practicing since the end of December, and now it's time to take it to the course. My last few days before leaving, I am going to play a lot and try to get comfortable and build some confidence.

I hope everyone will watch and follow us in Australia. It's going to be an exciting year, and this is only the beginning!

Cydney Clanton

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