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@jasonsobelGC The new LPGA schedule is borderline genius. Back from the dead. Michael Whan gets more done each year than a country full of politicians.



@Kstupples: Got to say the Mike Whan and rest of LPGA staff gets a huge high five for the schedule. Not only for returning tournaments but for the new Hawaii and Kingsmill are very welcome additions to the Tour.



@Gerinapiller: Big strides way to go @lpga RT @KraigKann: For those who haven't seen it... here's the 2012 @lpga schedule.



@Angela_Stanford: I can finally say it! Anybody else jacked about the LPGA going back to Kingsmill?!? Can't wait!!! 2012 looks great for us!!



@kempgolf: Excited about this years LPGA Schedule. Especially having Kingsmill back!!



@TheChristinaKim: So so excited to hear the news that the @lpga is coming BACK TO KINGSMILL! Great work from all LPGA staff for helping secure our 27th event!. So stoked to include KINGSMILL and HAWAII!!! All in the span of a week! How exciting! At this rate, we will be looking for weeks off! Yay!!!


@Paige_Mackenzie: 2012 LPGA schedule Looking forward to a great year! #SeeUsAtATownNearYou!



@themichellewie: "@sdimegUSATgolf: Breaking News: LPGA tour heading back to Kingsmill in 2012. # of tournaments up to 27 from 23." yayy!! Great news!



@wegmanslpga: Everyone be sure to check out @lpga and for the 2012 LPGA Schedule!! Some great additions for the upcoming year!!




@JerryFoltzGC: Report card on LPGA Commish Mike Whan just keeps adding more A+'s. Can't wait to see what's next.


@StephanieWei: LPGA Officially Unveils Energized 2012 Schedule -


@ronsirak: Here's my take on the 2012 LPGA schedule:


@RyanBallengeeGC: The LPGA tacked on another event (to get to 27) on top of the schedule shared w/me. Kudos to Mike Whan. Clubhouse lead for golf exec of '12. Every LPGA player I follow remarked on Kingsmill tonight. Very clear message about getting it back on the schedule.


@RandallMellGC: The new Kingsmill Championship is the big surprise, a return to a popular stop that folded its show three yrs ago.


@Golfweek_Baldry: LPGA schedule for 2012 features 27 events, up 4 from '11. Good step in the right director for Mike Whan and team. Kingsmill back in the lineup Sept. 6-9. The Williamsburg, Va., stop was a favorite among players. Total # of domestic events is now 15. Total prize money for the year increased from $40.4 to $47 million. Whan hopes to add one more event for the fall. Mike Whan said there's still work to be done: “When you see us taking two weeks off, that’s a heart-burning problem for me." And here's some great news for fans: All North American events will be broadcast LIVE over the weekend. Total of 27 events for 2012, 15 of which are domestic.


@JayCoffinGC: Have to hand it to the LPGA, and Whan. An increase in total purse from $40.4 million in 2011 to $47 million in 2012.


@sdimegUSATgolf: Breaking News: LPGA tour heading back to Kingsmill in 2012. # of tournaments up to 27 from 23. Details at USA Today More good news for LPGA tour: Total purse $$$ increase $6.6 million. Cristie Kerr became only two-time winner in Kingsmill with win in 2009. Now she can finally defend her title. @suzannPettersen says of '12 schedule: "It looks like a very healthy schedule, finally, in 2012."


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