LPGA T&CP Professionals Support LPGA-USGA Girls Golf

Cathy Reynolds

Becky Dengler

By Rick Woelfel

Three LPGA T&CP professionals took part in a recent pro-am to benefit the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf effort.

Professionals Becky Dengler, Cathy Reynolds, and Lorraine Klippel were on hand for the fifth annual Adele Lebow All Women Pro-Am at Spring Ford Country Club in Royersford, PA.

The event benefited LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Valley Forge (Pa). Some 30 female amateurs took part, including 2010 U.S. Curtis Cup captain Noreen Mohler.

Dengler, who teaches at Ed Oliver Golf Club, a public facility in Wilmington, Del. has been involved with the program since its inception.

"It's a great program," she says. "When it started years ago it was just a program designed to introduce girls to golf. We operate in an area where there really isn't a support system for girls.

"This year it's really been exciting because with the help of Women Golfers Give Back (a separate organization that supports girls golf in the Philadelphia area) we've been able to branch off and create a higher level for the kids and support them through competitions. And we've had some amazing results."

Dengler is just as passionate however, about providing support to new golfers.

"We have some girls who are just starting," she says. "And it seems like that need somebody to hold their hand to get them to the golf course, get them to a tournament, and encourage them, especially if the parents don't play. It's really hardotherwise."

Reynolds splits her teaching schedule between French Creek, a private club in Elverson, Pa. outside Philadelphia, and Honeybrook, a public layout near Reading. She is quick to point out that LPGA-USGA Girls Golf caters to girls of all ages and ability levels.

"We've got little girls we're just introducing to the game," she says, "to girls that are just learning to enjoy the game and are a little older, to the Players program which has been instrumental in helping a small group of girls really improve their performances in tournaments.

"That's a big deal. We're looking at all angles We're not just a one-faceted organization from that standpoint."

Reynolds finds her work with the program satisfying on a number of levels. "I enjoy all the parts of it," she says. "I especially enjoy working with the girls who we've taken from maybe not playing, or playing a little, to playing a lot. Helping them developing a skills set and something they'll enjoy for the rest of their lives.

"And we're going to have a bunch of them who are probably going to go on and play college golf. We have one of them doing it already and we have another dozen of who are definite possibilities.

"What a great skill to have. Golf is a great business skill to have. It's a great life skill.

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Valley Forge was founded by Adele Lebow, a longtime member at Spring Ford who has provided volunteer service to the game of golf for some six decades.
In 2004 she became the first woman to receive the Joe Dey Award from the United States Golf Association for her service to the sport.

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