How will you ring in the New Year?

The new year is just around the corner and many will gather with family and friends to celebrate. A time to reflect on 2012 and look forward to 2013. caught up with our "New" rookies to find out how they will be ringing in the new year and what was the best or worst about 2012. Today's question in the series is...How will you ring in the New Year?

Marina Alex With my friends in New Jersey.
Frances Bondad Throwing coins in the air and kissing my boyfriend.
Katie Burnett I will be with friends in Sweden.
Lauren Doughtie Usually we are with my extended family doing a late family Christmas.
Paz Echeverria With my friends on the beach.
Victoria Elizabeth Probably something low key.
Breanna Elliott With family and friends.
Marita Engzelius With a good dinner with some friends and my boyfriend.
Austin Ernst With friends and family back home.
Jordan Hardy I'm not sure yet.
Daniela Iacobelli Hopefully with friends somewhere!
Kelly Jacques Not sure yet, but it's going to be great.
Felicity Johnson Probably with friends and family.
Sara-Maude Juneau Probably going out with friends.
Taylore Karle With my family in Dallas, Texas.
Sue Kim I will count down with family and friends.
Alejandra Llaneza With a big party with friends and family.
Lisa McCloskey Champagne and hugs.
Haley Millsap Be a pretty chill night I'm sure with my boyfriend and family. Maybe a moonlight horseback ride.
Kayla Mortellaro Probably at home with friends and family.
Brooke Pancake Party with friends in Nashville.
Garrett Phillips Spend it with friends and family, we'll probably plan a trip somewhere.
Nicole Smith Still figuring it out.
Marina Stuetz In Ponte Vedra with family and friends.
Kim Welch
(not a rookie)
Having a party at my house!

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