Gal had a short off-season and looking forward to competition caught up with Sandra Gal for a quick Q&A. Shin talks about her off-season and what she's looking forward to in Australia.

LPGA: How much time did you take off from golf and what did you do?
Gal: I took about three and a half weeks off from golf to go home to Germany for a few days and then spent Christmas and New Year’s with my family in Key West.
LPGA: Describe the best and worst of 2011?
Gal: The best part about 2011 was getting my first win under my belt and being part of the victorious Solheim Cup team. The worst part….I’ve been thinking for a while and could not tell you what the worst part was. Because, even tournaments that I didn’t do so well in, I still learned a lot.
LPGA: What part of your game did you work the most on during the off season?
Gal: I worked on hitting more fairways and shortening my pre-shot routine.
LPGA: Did you set some goals for 2012?
Gal: I did! I am going to hit every shot with a purpose, even in practice. And I am going to take time out for my hobbies, for charity and my friends.
LPGA: How did you keep in shape during the off-season?
Gal:I needed to improve on my cardio and so my fitness coach and I did loads of sprints and running.

LPGA: What is the key to playing well at Royal Melbourne?
Gal: I wish I knew! But what I heard from senior players, it’s important to keep the ball low and running.
LPGA: How does it match with your game?
Gal: I like being creative with my game and picturing different kinds of shots. However, it is the first event of the year, so I will have to get some off-season rustiness out of the way too.
LPGA: What are you looking forward to this week?
Gal:Getting back into competing and catching up with my friends on tour.
LPGA: What are your favorite things to do while in Australia?
Gal: I love the food in Australia. It’s a bit alternative and I like that. I also enjoy taking walks on the beach and listening to the endearingly laid-back Australian accent.

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