Hjorth's off season preparations

LPGA.com caught up with Maria Hjorth for a quick Q&A. Hjorth talks about her off-season and she stayed in shape during her time off.

LPGA: How much time did you take off from golf and what did you do?
Hjorth: After the CME Group Titleholders I touched the clubs once until the 9th of January. I have always taken a long time off and I need it! I just loved spending time with my daughter and husband! I also worked out to stay in shape for the season which is very important for me! 

LPGA: Describe the best and worst of 2011?
Hjorth: I had two best things: First it was great to win in Mobile with my husband on the bag and my daughter on site! Since my husband now caddies on the PGA tour we don't have the opportunity to work together very much so that was wonderful. And secondly being on the winning Solheim Cup team is a thing that I will never forget. It was an exciting week and could not have finished any better!

The worst thing? I am not sure actually, as I didn't miss a cut all year so I can't complain about that. One thing I feel like I could do better though is finish stronger in majors.

LPGA: What part of your game did you work the most on during the off season?
Hjorth: I have practiced my wedge play and putting more than previous years!

LPGA: Did you set some goals for 2012?
Hjorth: I have some goals. Some are more of a mental process goal and some are result orientated. But one thing I need to work on every day and round is to really enjoy myself and understand how fortunate and lucky I am to be in the position I am. :)

LPGA: How did you keep in shape during the off season?
Hjorth: I have worked hard with my trainer Andrea Doddato to get my core and legs stronger. I just want to maintain my physical health to be able to be injury free and compete with all the youngsters out on Tour.

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