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Every week throughout 2012, we will spotlight one LPGA player and provide an in depth look into her life -- both on the course and off of it. Keep coming back each day to learn more about Karrie Webb. caught up with Karrie Webb for a quick Q&A. Tseng talks about her off-season and what she's looking forward to in Australia.

LPGA: How much time did you take off from golf and what did you do?
Its hard to say what time is off and what is on. I didn't touch a club for the first three weeks after CME Group Titleholders but during that time I started off season workouts. After three weeks off, I practiced roughly two days a week until the start of the New Year. Once I got through the Holiday festivities, I started back into a bit more intense practice. In my time off, I spent time at my home in Florida until just before Christmas and have been home with my family in Australia since then.

LPGA: Describe the best and worst of 2011?
Obviously the best was the two wins at HSBC Women's Champions and the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup. There wasn't anything particularly bad for the season but I would have to say that I was a bit disappointed not to continue playing as well as I did at the start of the year. More >>



Blog: This Week with Karrie Webb

As Player of the Week on, Karrie Webb gives a peek into her week as told to an LPGA Media Official in Australia.

Tuesday afternoon -- It’s been very busy here in Australia. I got in to Melbourne on Friday night and worked Saturday with my sports psychologist, who is based down here in Melbourne. So we did a lot of good work on Saturday. Sunday the weather was really bad with winds near 30-45 mph and I tried to play a few holes but it was a bit of a disaster so I gave up on that pretty quickly. I was supposed to go to the cricket match on Sunday night but it rained. They eventually played the cricket match but by the time they made a decision, I decided that I wasn’t going to head over there. And then on Monday, I practiced and played with a couple of the young girls with the Australian amateur squad because I’m involved with that sort of thing with the Karrie Webb Series. More>>





Gone Fishin
By Lisa D. Mickey

On the golf course, LPGA veteran Karrie Webb demonstrates every round why she is a Hall of Famer. Webb is an intense, precision-driven player who is seemingly in the hunt every single round.

Off the course, you might say the same rules apply in her fishing boat, “Ayr Waves,” named for her hometown of Ayr in Queensland, Australia. She prowls the waters of South Florida and at home Down Under hoping to land the big one. More >>



  • STARTS: 20
  • ROUNDS UNDER PAR: 33 of 70: 0.471 (18)
  • DRIVING ACCURACY: 543 of 733: 0.741 (39)
  • BIRDIES: 245 (13)
  • SAND SAVES: 38 of 72 (19)
  • TOP 10 FINISHES: 5
  • EARNINGS: $757,671
  • EAGLES: 2 (T51)
  • PUTTS PER GREEN: 1.83 (49)
  • GIR: 648 of 936: 0.692 (21)
  • DRIVING AVERAGE: 250.1 (54)


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