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Tiffany Joh plays a shot on the 3rd hole during the first round of the CME Group Titleholders at the Grand Cypress Resort on November 17, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

Every week throughout 2012, we will spotlight one LPGA player and provide an in depth look into her life -- both on the course and off of it. Keep coming back each day to learn more about Tiffany Joh.



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All Jokes Aside, Tiffany Joh Wants To Be A Contender
By Lisa D. Mickey

Just mention the name of Tiffany Joh and people smile.

Her fellow LPGA Tour members talk about her solid playing skills and penchant for producing entertaining videos. Her fans describe her approachability and willingness to chat and sign their proffered stuff. The media marvels at her intelligence and highly quotable commentary. And her former college teammates gush about how much fun she brought to their team.

The good news is, all of this is true.

Joh borders on comic genius when it comes to writing songs, singing, rapping, playing musical instruments and producing her own videos, which have a regular following on YouTube. Her creativity is off the charts for a professional athlete and her likeability meter makes her a player in demand among fans and media alike.

But while Joh moved the needle this year during her rookie season for reasons off the course, when pressed for an answer, the San Diego native admits she has one key focus on the LPGA Tour.

“The main reason we’re all out here is to be No. 1 in the world at some point,” said Joh, who is celebrating her 25th birthday on Dec. 8. “Sure, I want to be a contender, but maybe the other things I do [off course] is my way of taking off a little bit of pressure and just enjoying what I do. I don’t really mind if nobody takes me seriously.” More >>






  • STARTS: 2
  • ROUNDS UNDER PAR: 1 of 8: 0.125 (T67)
  • DRIVING ACCURACY: 33 of 116: 0.284 (87)
  • BIRDIES: 20 (T36)
  • SAND SAVES: 2 of 3 (T6)
  • TOP 10 FINISHES: 0
  • EARNINGS: $6,978
  • EAGLES: 3 (1)
  • PUTTS PER GREEN: 1.94 (76)
  • GIR: 53 of 144: 0.368 (T58)
  • DRIVING AVERAGE: 251.3 (60)


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