Ward's special off season visit to Ft. Sam Houston

On a recent visit to San Antonio, Texas, Wendy Ward visited the Center for the Intrepid at Fort Sam Houston, a state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation facility for wounded warriors. LPGA.com caught up with Ward to learn how she got involved with this facility and what she enjoys about giving her time to the wounded warriors that are there.

How did you find out about Ft. Sam Houston?
I was born at the Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston. My dad spent 30 years in active duty in the Army. He's a retired Army Colonel.  He had two different assignments at Ft. Sam, one in the early 70's when I was born and the other when we moved back there in 1984.  He was Dean of the Army Medical School where he mentored Col (RET) Dr. Rebecca Hooper, who is now the Program Manager for CFI.

How many times have you visited?
I visit Ft. Sam Houston every time I go home to San Antonio.  Ft. Sam is where I learned to play golf under the instruction of LPGA legend Betty Dodd, who was best friends with Babe Didrikson Zaharias.

My dad set up the visit to the Center for the Intrepid with the help of Col. Hooper.  Both my parents as well as myself have donated to its efforts.  My parents have donated a couple of Segways which are those self balancing two wheeled human transporters.  Many of the wounded soldiers have received those through similar donations and are now enjoying the freedom of getting around on their own.

How have you donated either time/money/gifts to this facility?
I hope to give more to Fisher House, CFI and other Wounded Warrior related projects. These troops give up so much for us and our freedom and I feel compelled to use my golf platform to return the favor.

What do you walk away with after visiting?
It was my honor to meet several of these soldiers.  They have true grit, passion, and determination to overcome the obstacles they face on a daily basis.  For some, it's just getting themselves off the ground and on to their prosthetics, for others, it's recovering from severe burns.  The strength that they show is an absolute testimony to their faith and love of their country.  I admire each of them for their desire to recover as best they can and to serve in other areas.

I was able to pass out some golf hats my partner PING so generously donated to the rehab facility.  I also learned that PING fits these injured soldiers for a new set of PINGS that are custom tailored to their new specifications.  It makes me proud to see PING's involvement both here at CFI on the rehab side as well  as overseas with equipment donated abroad.



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