Webb ready to start the season strong

LPGA.com caught up with Karrie Webb for a quick Q&A. Tseng talks about her off-season and what she's looking forward to in Australia.

LPGA: How much time did you take off from golf and what did you do?
Its hard to say what time is off and what is on. I didn't touch a club for the first three weeks after CME Group Titleholders but during that time I started off season workouts. After three weeks off, I practiced roughly two days a week until the start of the New Year. Once I got through the Holiday festivities, I started back into a bit more intense practice. In my time off, I spent time at my home in Florida until just before Christmas and have been home with my family in Australia since then.

LPGA: Describe the best and worst of 2011?
Obviously the best was the two wins at HSBC Women's Champions and the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup. There wasn't anything particularly bad for the season but I would have to say that I was a bit disappointed not to continue playing as well as I did at the start of the year.

LPGA: What part of your game did you work the most on during the off season?
I started making a few swings changes at the end of last year so I have been really working hard to finish that off.

LPGA: Did you set some goals for 2012?
I used to be a very specific goal setter but now it is a little more general. This year I know that if I can achieve the breakthrough of getting my swing changes ingrained early on, I feel that I can have a more consistent year and be in contention a little more. From there it's all about enjoying it and letting it happen. Hopefully that will produce some great golf.

LPGA: How did you keep in shape during the off season?
I work with a pilates instructor and a trainer while I'm in the US. Since I've been in Australia I've been doing pilates and other work on my own.

LPGA: What is the key to playing well at Royal Melbourne?
I haven't played Royal Melbourne since I was an amateur. The key to playing any of the sandblet courses in Melbourne, is to have great distance control into the greens as you will always rather have an uphill putt than a downhill. Your short game has to be in top shape as well.

LPGA: How does it match with your game?
I love how creative you have to be. There is never a straight forward shot that you don't have to think to much about.

LPGA: What are you looking forward to that week?
I'm really looking forward to starting my season on a course that is rated among the best in the world. I'm also excited that the Australian Open is an LPGA event. Its been over a decade since the LPGA has played an event in Australia.

LPGA: How will it be playing with the crowd support that week?
I always love it! Its the only time during the whole year that I have a home field advantage.

LPGA: What are your favorite things to do while in Australia?
Well for me I always love catching up with family and friends. My favorite thing outside of that is the good Aussie food! It's always so fresh and there are so many different cuisines to choose from. The seafood is the best I've had anywhere.

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