Kim, Lincicome and Lewis pulled double duty on Friday

Christina Kim, Brittany Lincicome and Stacy Lewis pulled double duty on Friday at the Kia Classic. The trio helped to run Golf Channel’s coverage of second-round play at La Costa Resort and Spa with Christina Kim taking over for play-by-play man Rich Lerner in the booth, Brittany Lincicome producing the telecast and Stacy Lewis operating a camera on the 15th hole.

For all three of the players, it was an experience that they won’t soon forget.

“I had no idea, even though I'd been in the booth before, how hard that would be,” Kim said. “It's outrageously hard, but so fun. Stacy had a hard job, watching the ball with the camera. Brittany probably had the hardest job because she had to tell everyone what to do.”

“I felt like I was getting the hang of it,” Lincicome said of her job producing. “Okay, I want to go for this hole and they're putting for this score. I got it towards the end. But putting in the Kia promos and the leaderboard and all that, that's where I was getting confused. Because to go from hole to hole with a different girl was pretty easy, but to do all that other stuff in there was pretty hard. I'd definitely do it again. I thought it was very exciting.”

“I thought I did okay. I had a good teacher,” Lewis said of working the camera. “The hardest part was following the ball. It goes a lot higher than you think. You have to zoom out and focus while following it all at the same time. The first couple groups were tough. I needed more practice before Yani's group. He said, "if you miss the ball, just zoom out."

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