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LPGA.com caught up with Dewi Claire Schreefel for a quick Q&A. Schreefel talks about what she'd do if she weren't a professional golfer, who she thanks for getting her interested in the game and what television show she'd like to be on. Read on to find out the answers to those questions and many others.

LPGA: If you had one day to do anything you’d like, what would you be doing?
Schreefel: Sleep til' about 7:30am, make a great breakfast, go surfing, have some lunch and relax the rest of day by watching either NCAA or NFL football.

LPGA: I would not be playing professional golf if it were not for…(this person…why?)
Schreefel: Johnny Balvert, my very first golf teacher for teaching me good fundamentals while having fun. Andrea Gaston, my college coach for giving me an incredibly fun and educating college experience. Winning or losing, on top of the mountain or in your lowest valley she was/is always there.

LPGA: Besides golf, what is your greatest passion?
Schreefel: Cooking and dining with friends. Being active outside, anything really.

LPGA: If you could be on any television show, what would it be and why?
Schreefel: Bravo’s - Top Chef or CBS - Amazing Race

LPGA: Describe one of the coolest things you’ve been able to do in your life.
Schreefel: Growing up playing a great sport and making it my career.. travel the world, meeting so many different people and experiencing all kinds of cultures.

LPGA: If you didn’t choose the LPGA as a way to make a living, what would you have liked to do?
Schreefel: Be a physical therapist or trainer for an athletic sports team.

LPGA: The most unusual thing in my golf bag is….
Schreefel: A little stuffed Dinosaur, given by a friend to remind me of the bigger picture of life.

LPGA: If you could be included in an article in any magazine, what would it be and why?
Schreefel: Anything that I am interested in besides golf; fitness, surfing, rock climbing, field hockey and cooking.

LPGA: If I competed in Miss America/Miss Universe my talent would be…
Schreefel: First of all, I would never run for Miss America/Universe but I guess I would do ballroom dancing.

LPGA: My best travel tip is….
Schreefel: Ask the locals where to go and eat

LPGA: Describe your golf game’s biggest strength and weakness:
Schreefel: Strength: shortgame and pitching. Weakness: birdie conversion

LPGA: What is your go-to shot under pressure?
Schreefel: 75%, down gripped shot

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