Stanford talks off season and preparing for 2012 caught up with Angela Stanford to talk about her off season and what she did to prepare for 2012. Seems whatever she did worked because she started the season off strong with a win at the HSBC Women’s Champions.

LPGA: How much time did you take off from golf and what did you do?
STANFORD: I took a good two months off this off season. I have never done that before but I needed a good break.

LPGA: Describe the best and worst of 2011?
STANFORD: The best of 2011 was two top-five finishes in Majors and crossing the million dollar mark again! The worst was not winning with all the chances I had.

LPGA: What part of your game did you work the most on during the off season?
STANFORD: I worked on my mental game the most this off season. Just worked on letting things go and thought through all of the situations I was in and how to make them better next time.

LPGA: Did you set some goals for 2012?
STANFORD: My goals for 2012 are to win and contend for a major. You never know what can happen on the back nine on Sunday in a major, so I want to put myself there as much as possible.

LPGA: How did you keep in shape during the off season?
STANFORD: This off season was a little different for my fitness. I needed something fun to help my strength, so I hit the slopes for most of our break.

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