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Valentine Derrey - Rookie Blog One

Photo Credit: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images for LPGA

Valentine Derrey of France watches her tee shot during the final round of the Tate & Lyle Players Championship on June 19, 2011 in Decatur, Illinois. Derrey shot a 16-under par to win the tournament.

Hi! I am Valentine Derrey from Paris, France. I graduated from Texas Christian University in 2010 with a communication major and a Spanish minor. I decided to follow my dream and turn professional in September 2010. I played on the LPGA Futures Tour in 2011 and finished 7th on the money list. This year, I am going to spend my time in between Europe and The USA.

In February, I decided to go and play in Australia. I loved my time out there and I learned a lot. I didn't play very well at the first tournament in Gold Coast, but I played better in New Zealand, making the cut and finishing T41. Since then, I have been practicing and working out a lot in South France (Toulouse) where I train with Karine Mathiot - one of my coaches, Olivier Merit - my trainer, and Isabelle Inschauspe - my mental coach. I will be playing two tournaments in March before flying to the USA to start the with Symetra Tour. I decided to stop on my way back to the U.S. by Fort Worth where I went to school to see Mike Wright and continue my practice with him.

I will keep y'all updated about my tournaments soon.

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