Brittany Lincicome's Reel Passion caught up with Brittany Lincicome during the off season to learn more about her fishing passion.

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LPGA: When did your love for fishing begin?
Lincicome: Ever since I was little my brother and I used to always go out whether it be off of somebody's dock or just wading in the water. So I've always liked it and then I got a boat four or five years ago and really started enjoying it more because I could go out on the water. The thought of going out a little bit further than I had been before and thinking in my head of catching something really big really intrigued me. It's just a hobby I've picked up and more and more each year I get that much more into it.

LPGA: Do you remember your first fish you caught?
Lincicome: I'm sure it was a little something like a catfish. I used to always love catching catfish because they were fairly big fish and now that I go on my boat in the water they are just a pain in the butt to take off now.

LPGA: How often do you get to fish during the season?
Lincicome: I usually play two or three weeks in a row and then come home for a week. When I'm home for that week I fish at least once if not twice.

LPGA: Prefer salt water or fresh water?
Lincicome: I'm a salt water fisher.

LPGA: Your dream fishing vacation?
Lincicome: I did one not too long ago where I caught that big goliath grouper so probably something down near Jupiter or even down in the Keys. Like a sailfish, tuna or dolphin. Something like that where it will take me hours to real it in. That would be unbelievable.

LPGA: Favorite fish to catch?
Lincicome: My favorite is a Grouper because of they way that they fight. They they get down in the rocks, then they have to puff their gills out so you can't drag them in. You just have to wait it out. I also think they're a beautiful fish and I always take pictures of them.

LPGA: If you could take anyone out on your boat fishing who would it be and why?
Lincicome: Maybe just a buddy. I just enjoy going out there even with somebody that's never been. I always take my nieces and nephews. I think that's fun because they don't ever get to do anything like that, especially my neice. She loves it and wants to take pictures with the fish and she holds the fish and it reminds me of me.

LPGA: Any tips for your fans that might want to give fishing a try?
Lincicome: Just do it. It really is the most relaxing thing you could possible do. Just being out on the water. Don't take your cell phone and no work out on the water. Let it be just you, the fish and the dolphins. Just give it a try and you're going to love it.

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