Lexi Thompson and Rickie Fowler go off course with Red Bull


Top golf stars took aim at an over-sized skee ball target from a floating tee box
in the middle of Lake Olmstead  

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Augusta, GA, April 2, 2012 - As part of Red Bull Off Course, Rickie Fowler and friends had a memorable golf session in the middle of Lake Olmstead to kick off the week in Augusta. 

Along with 17-year old Lexi Thompson, the youngest LPGA tournament champion ever, and current US Amateur champion Kelly Kraft, they played the first-ever golf version of the popular skee ball game.  

A pontoon boat took the trio onto Lake Olmstead, a half mile from Augusta National, where a tee box was constructed as their launching pad.  They then took aim with 150+ yard shots onto an over-sized skee ball target set up on the picturesque lakeside shore.  

With an inclined skee ramp and plenty of ricochets to contend with, each player took 18 shots over  multiple rounds, with holes ranging in value from 100 - 1,000 points.  Taking the advice of Fowler, Kraft selected a 5-iron midway through his second round and hit the shot of the day, a 1,000-point laser that sliced through the air to give him the lead.  But Lexi Thompson battled back by consistently firing balls into the skee targets.  A draw was called after two sudden death playoffs couldn’t decide the winner. 

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