Mo Martin: Rookie Blog One

Where to start my first rookie blog, when the year has already included a trip to the southern hemisphere and our first major, is a good question.  As the saying goes, there is no time like the present, and right now happens to be a particularly fun present! I’m on a Hawaiian bound flight, en route to our LOTTE Championship at Ko Olina Golf Club on the island of Oahu. 

I’ve been to Oahu twice, for college events with my UCLA team, and let’s just say I’m thrilled to be on my way back. Not only do we get to play one of the most beautiful courses in the world, in what’s appropriately considered paradise, BUT we (ok, maybe just I) get to practice saying things like Humuhumunukunukuapua’a , without getting very strange looks. That will most likely be one of my first questions when I land, “where’s the best place to see a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a?”…even writing it is fun.

I’m flying in a bit early so I can fit in a few recreational things I don’t often get a chance to snorkeling, hiking, and hopefully a luau.  In addition to these perks and mini adventures, we’ve had a few weeks off since the Kraft Nabisco Championship and I’m looking forward to getting back to work. Stay tuned to the Golf Channel and to the website here, I have no doubt it’s going to be another action-packed, great week of golf ahead.

So, in case it’s not blatantly clear, I’m stoked about the year we’ve already had and what’s to come. Thanks to sponsors domestically and abroad, it’s a wonderful year to be a rookie on the LPGA. I’ll check in again as the adventures continue.

Aloha, Mahalo, and Humuhumunukunukuapua’a


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