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Florida's Natural Moms Blog: Katy Harris

I have been a mother my entire professional career. There is a big difference between a Mom on the Symetra Tour and the LPGA Tour. On the Symetra Tour everyone is surprised to hear I have kids, since most of the players are so young. A few of them actually call me Mom. On the LPGA Tour there are many Mothers so it is quite normal. Also, the LPGA has wonderful childcare sponsored by Smuckers that I hope to use sometime this year. I would love the opportunity to bring my kids on tour some of the time, something that just isn't possible on the Symetra Tour.

Being a Mom and a professional golfer gives balance to my life. I am blessed to be able to fulfill both of my passions in life. As a teenager I dreamed of playing on the LPGA tour and being a Mother. I was unsure how I could do both. If the LPGA did not have childcare I might not have made the decision to come back to golf. I am very thankful for the opportunities  the LPGA has for families.

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