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Mariajo Uribe blog as told by an LPGA official on site:

It’s been a nice week so far here in Rio. I got here early so I was able to enjoy the city before playing. The course is in really good shape. I’m really excited to be here. This event feels more like home to me. This is how courses are back in Columbia. It’s a good week for everyone, I think. It’s really laid back and relaxed so I enjoy this event.

I got here early in the week. I headed her straight from Mobile, Ala. with Tiffany Joh, who was my college teammate at UCLA. We came here Monday. We got a chance to go to the beach and we went to the Christ the Redeemer statue. I went last year to see the statue and I wanted to go back this year as kind of a good luck charm. We just tried to enjoy Rio in general. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse, ate a lot and a lot of desserts so it’s been a good week.

I really enjoy this tournament. It’s such a small event so everybody goes to dinner together and you feel like you’re back in college or at an amateur event. After two weeks in Hawaii and Alabama with a very competitive atmosphere, it’s kind of nice to have a week like this where it feels like a week off but you are still in competition. You can practice a little bit and work on the game and be real relaxed.

Last night was the pro-am party for the event. There was really good food and we were able to sit down together, all of the players, for dinner so it was a lot of fun. For me, it’s good to see all of my friends from South America that are playing this week. You get a chance to catch up and see what’s going on in their lives.

But today the event really gets underway with the pro-am. I’ve always liked this course because as I said earlier, it reminds me of the courses back home in Colombia. It helps knowing this type of course too. The greens are really grainy so people are not used to that. Also around the green, the grass is a different type of grass that the U.S. doesn’t really have. So I think just getting up and down and putting is the key on this course and I think that’s what helps me out here.

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