Natalie Gulbis visits Your Weather Today

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA, May 23, 2012 – To say that weather plays an overwhelming factor in golf would be an understatement. Walk on the scene of an LPGA Tour event and you are bound to see players’ eyes glued to their cell phones checking the weather on The Weather Channel’s mobile app.

“I think there is a big audience of LPGA fans that watch The Weather Channel because they’re itching to get out to the golf course,” said Gulbis. “I think it is a perfect fit for an LPGA player to be on The Weather Channel because we do check the weather constantly. I mean I’m checking the weather every day, a couple times a day checking to see when the best time is to get my practice in, to go on the golf course, what I need to wear on that particular day.”

After play of the Sybase Match Play Championship, Natalie Gulbis had the rare opportunity to be a guest on a couple segments on The Weather Channel which featured Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams.

Gulbis arrived at the NBC studio around 6:00 a.m. and was whisked away for her first segment on Wake Up With Al. The 10 year LPGA Tour veteran starred alongside Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams to emphasize the large role weather plays in golf and recap her week at the Sybase Match Play Championship. Gulbis came bearing gifts as she presented Roker with a new Taylormade RocketBallz driver.

Next up for Gulbis was her appearance on Your Weather Today with longtime on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel, Stephanie Abrams. The Weather Channel rolled out the green carpet and Gulbis gave Abrams putting tips on the large astro turf putting green assembled in the studio.

It was then time for Gulbis to try her skills as a meteorologist. Alongside Abrams, Gublis delivered the weather for upcoming stops on the LPGA schedule including Galloway, NJ, site of the upcoming ShopRite LPGA Classic and Pittsford, NJ home of upcoming major, the Wegmans LPGA Championship.

After her appearance, Gulbis expressed her enthusiasm of spending the morning with Abrams and Roker and the opportunity to appear on The Weather Channel.

“I had so much fun,” said Gulbis. “I think that being around Stephanie and Al was great. They’re so easy-going and so full of life. I think this new segment is pretty fun. It gets to show, at least for the LPGA and for the LGPA fans, how much weather does come into play.”

Gulbis was the first player in LPGA history to appear on The Weather Channel and according to Abrams, she could have a future as a meteorologist.

“It was fun, she was amazing,” said Abrams of Gulbis. “She was great on the weather and I got some golf tips so how can you beat that.”

Despite being an avid tennis player and fan, Abrams admitted to now being a fan of the LPGA after meeting Gulbis.

“I definitely am now (a fan of the LPGA) after meeting Natalie,” said Abrams. “She was just so sweet, charismatic, fun, and funny and if that’s what it’s like then I am a huge fan.”

To view Gulbis on The Weather Channel visit or click on the video below.


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