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Players Learning a New Language

In between practice and playing, Jee Young Lee finds time to study English through LPGA’s partnership with the Language Training Center. Lee, pictured above, works on media interview preparation, understanding idiomatic expressions and continues to learn and be surprised by American culture.

Through its efforts to continuously promote player development and diversity within the tour, the LPGA has entered the second year of its partnership with the Language Training Center. “Not only are players gaining confidence in their speaking abilities and media exposure, but they are really seeing the value of foreign language during Pro-Am tournaments and in attracting new sponsorship.” Asya Kislyuk, language trainer from LTC has noted. Language trainers travel nationally with the LPGA and offer on-site as well as Skype classes to any player and recently have extended services to friends, family and managers.

Player I.K. Kim studies English, French and Japanese to promote herself internationally and to be able to interact in this year’s Evian tournament as well as others. The experience is most rewarding when the players are able to apply the knowledge from the classroom into real life scenarios. At a recent Japanese Business Association of Southern California reception, Beatriz Recari was able to greet and make conversation with executive level Japanese businessmen as a result of her arduous study. Building bridges through the promotion of communication is ultimately the goal.

As a further testament to the LPGA’s promotion of diversity, player meetings are conducted in several languages through the use of interpreters and players are provided with cross cultural training before all international trips. LTC is also working with the Symetra Tour offering many of the same services that have been provided to the LPGA. For more information, visit the Language Training Center at www.languagetrainingcenter.com

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