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Never Too Late

By Katie Ann Robinson

Katie Futcher picks up a club for the first time at age 14.

It has always been Katie Futcher’s dream to play a sport at a professional level. But golf was not at the top of her list.

Futcher was born a natural athlete, competing in a variety of sports including swimming, soccer and basketball. Pushed to become a star swimmer, Futcher’s family moved from Houston to The Woodlands High School district for one of the most prestigious swimming programs. However, before school began she decided swimming was no longer something she wanted to pursue.

“It turned out that I didn’t really love swimming, I didn’t enjoy it,” says Futcher. “I was good, but I didn’t like it. I was pushed really hard at it when I was young but swimming taught me a lot of discipline and a lot of work ethic, which I use in what I do now. So it was a really good foundation for me. But I’m so glad I don’t do it anymore. It’s a miserable sport to play.”

After years of practice, the extensive hours in the pool started to draw her away from the sport. Futcher says there were times she couldn’t physically get out of the pool she was working so hard. And at the end of the day she gained no reward for her training. More>>


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  • STARTS: 9
  • DRIVING ACCURACY: 67% (94)
  • BIRDIES: 88 (28)
  • SAND SAVES: 38% (92)
  • TOP 10 FINISHES: 2
  • EARNINGS: $103,431
  • EAGLES: 1 (32)
  • PUTTS PER GREEN: 1.87 (81)
  • GIR: 70% (28)
  • DRIVING AVERAGE: 253 (83)

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