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Every week throughout 2012, we will spotlight one LPGA player and provide an in depth look into her life -- both on the course and off of it. Keep coming back each day to learn more about Jodi Ewart.


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Interview with Jodi Ewart after the third round at the Wegmans LPGA Championship

JODI EWART:  A crazy round.  I hadn't been really striking it that well all day, and I got the shot on 15.  It just came out of nowhere.  I kind of hit it to good really.  It was a little bit long.  It caught the slope at the back and came down and went in.  I was like wow.  Again on 1, I hit a really, really good hybrid into 17 and that almost went in apparently.  Yes, a crazy round really up and down. 

MODERATOR:   How long was the putt then on 1? 
JODI EWART:  About four feet.

Q.    What did you hit into the hybrid, how far?
JODI EWART:  I think it was 220 to the hole.  A little bit downwind though.

Q.    And a hole-in-one?
JODI EWART:  A 9-iron I think it was 137.

Q.    Have you ever had 2 eagles in one round?
JODI EWART:  I have actually.  Yes.  I actually remember it because it was two par-5s in a row, and I eagled them both in a row.  It was way back when I was younger.  It stuck in my head.

Q.    3 eagles in three rounds?
JODI EWART:  I don't think I've ever done 3 eagles in three rounds. More>>


Balancing Act

by Katie Ann Robinson

Jodi Ewart is full-time golfer, part-time wedding planner

A full-time golfer on the LPGA Tour will play approximately 28 tournaments this year. That’s around 132 days or more spent on a golf course, not to mention a tiresome travel schedule that comes with it. Tack on several sponsor appearances and charity events, while squeezing in some time to practice during an off-week.

So it’s no surprise that many golfers struggle to find time for a social life, let alone plan a wedding.

A little over a year ago, on the sandy beaches of Sarasota, Jodi Ewart became a wife-to-be when fiancé Adam Shadoff popped the question. In the midst of her first season on the Symetra Tour, Ewart suddenly had a lot on her plate. But despite the excitement of their upcoming marriage, the two decided to elongate their engagement in order to bend around her busy work schedule. 

“We decided to take our time just because I am always away,” Ewart said of her wedding planning. More>>




  • STARTS: 9
  • DRIVING ACCURACY: 69% (68)
  • BIRDIES: 76 (57)
  • SAND SAVES: 46% (50)
  • HOLE-IN-ONE: 1 (1)
  • TOP 10 FINISHES: 2
  • EARNINGS: $120,657
  • EAGLES: 4 (3)
  • PUTTS PER GREEN: 1.86 (90)
  • GIR: 67% (35)
  • DRIVING AVERAGE: 258 (37)

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