Julieta Granada talks about the Olympics

Julieta Granada

The 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing and all over the world people are watching as their favorite athlete competes for gold. LPGA.com caught up with several players to get their take on this year's Summer Olympics. Today Julieta Granada takes time to answers a few questions from her favorite event to watch, her favorite moment of the Summer Olympics and a lot more.

LPGA: Do you have a favorite Summer Olympics moment?
Julieta Granada: For some reason the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics in Sydney is stuck in my head. I remember it all the time, that's why I always wanted to go to Sydney and also to represent Paraguay in the Olympics.

LPGA: Who is your favorite Summer Olympics athlete?
Julieta Granada: Michael Phelps, although this year I will be rooting hard for Paraguayan swimmer Benjamin Hockin.

LPGA: What is your favorite sport to watch in the Summer Olympics?
Julieta Granada: It's got to be gymnastics. I love how hard they work, they are in such good shape, and there is so much drama in every routine.

LPGA: Which country do you think will win the most medals?
Julieta Granada: USA!

LPGA: Which Summer Olympic sport would you like to play?
Julieta Granada: Individual Sport - Tennis or Gymnastics.... either one. Team Sport - Basketball.... I am looking forward to watching team USA.

LPGA: Do you prefer the Summer or Winter Olympics?
Julieta Granada: Summer, but since I know how to ski now, I have a new appreciation for skiers!

LPGA: Which Summer Olympics sport would you never want to try?
Julieta Granada: Boxing! It would hurt too much.

LPGA: Which sport did you have no idea was in the Olympics?
Julieta Granada: Weight Lifting.. really?!

LPGA: If you were on the gymnastics team which event would you want to participate in?
Julieta Granada: Floor Exercise.

LPGA: How do you feel about golf being added to the Olympics in 2016?
Julieta Granada: So HAPPY. It's truly a blessing! It's going to be such an amazing opportunity!

LPGA: Is making the 2016 Olympics a goal of yours?
Julieta Granada: Yes. It's only four years away! It's crazy! I am working so hard with the ultimate goal in mind to make the Olympics and try my best to get a medal!

LPGA: What would it mean to you to carry the Olympic Torch for your country?
Julieta Granada: It would mean the world! I am always trying my best to put Paraguay on the map and leave the best impression of my country in other countries!


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