Anna Nordqvist talks about the Olympics

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The 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing and all over the world people are watching as their favorite athlete competes for gold. caught up with several players to get their take on this year's Summer Olympics. Today Anna Nordqvist takes time to answers a few questions from her favorite event to watch, her favorite moment of the Summer Olympics and a lot more.

LPGA: Who is your favorite Summer Olympics athlete?
Nordqvist: I am a big fan of Roger Federer so I will be cheering some extra for him!

LPGA: What is your favorite sport to watch in the Summer Olympics?
Nordqvist: My favorite sports are track and field and swimming but I enjoy watching most sports.

LPGA: Which country do you think will win the most medals?
Nordqvist: I think USA will win most medals!

LPGA: Do you think Michael Phelps will win gold in all the events he swims?
Nordqvist: I doubt it consider Lochte's recent form and success.

LPGA: Will you be rooting for Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps?
Nordqvist: It doesn't really matter, I like when no one is dominant and when everything is on the line in the final race and I cant wait to watch it!

LPGA: Which Summer Olympic sports would you like to play?
Nordqvist: I would like to play Tennis and Handball!

LPGA: Do you prefer the Summer or Winter Olympics?|
Nordqvist: I like watching both but Sweden has better chances in the Winter Olympics so I have to say that.

LPGA: Which Summer Olympics sport would you never want to try?
Nordqvist: Definitely Boxing!

LPGA: Which sport did you have no idea was in the Olympics?
Nordqvist: Taekwondo.

LPGA: If you were on the gymnastics team which event would you want to participate in?
Nordqvist: I wish I had the talent to even keep my balance on the beam!

LPGA: If you were on a synchronized swimming team, what LPGA players would you want on your team
Nordqvist: Haha... 

LPGA: How do you feel about golf being added to the Olympics in 2016?
Nordqvist: It is exciting and would be such an honor to represent your country. The Olympics is the biggest thing you can compete in, in most sports so having the opportunity to experience it as an athlete would be amazing.

LPGA: Is making the 2016 Olympics a goal of yours?
Nordqvist: Absolutely, it would be a highlight of my career to get to compete in the Olympics.

LPGA: What sport did Margaret Abbott play to become the first U.S. woman to win Olympic gold, in 1900?
Nordqvist: hmm.. no idea. (After googling it I am embarrassed I didn't know she was a golfer!)

LPGA: What would it mean to you to carry the Olympic Torch for your country?
Nordqvist: There would be no words to describe such an honor!

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