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Let me start off by apologizing for the long hiatus between blogs. It's been a crazy traveling schedule and I've constantly been on the go but my body has officially called for some much needed rest so I am like a kid on Christmas morning knowing I have a week off. I've played some great golf courses and been to several new cities. I left Cali towards the end of May and haven't been back since.

The veterans may be use to this list but as a rookie so far this is a list of things that have stood out during my travels:
Frank and Teressa's Anchor Bar (birthplace of the chicken wings)
Blackberry HQ
Jamie Farr (actor from M*A*S*H)
Nike and Columbia employee store
CN/Vancouver - the 2010 Olympic torch, all the restaurants, and Stanley Park

Each tournament has its own characteristics and I've enjoyed getting to know the surrounding areas at each event. 

As of right now I have two events left (Williamsburg and Prattville). As much as I love competing and traveling to new places, I have played a lot of golf recently so I'm ready to have a little bit of an off season coming up. In the meantime I will make sure not to set an alarm at night and can't wait to sleep in! Hope you continue to follow all the happenings on LPGA.com


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