For the Love of the Fans: Paula Creamer and Jiyai Shin

Photo Credit: Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Jiyai Shin of South Korea (R) and Paula Creamer warm-up on the tee box before playing the ninth playoff hole during the continuation of the final round of the Kingsmill Championship at Kingsmill Resort on September 10, 2012 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Recently received a copy of a letter sent to Paula Creamer that speaks to the impressions our players make on people who come out and watch the LPGA.  As you will read he was extremely impressed with what he witnessed during the Kingsmill Championship. 

Dear Ms. Creamer:

I have written a grand total of one letter to an athlete in my 65 years….that was to Kirby Puckett when he was injured and had to retire young. I thanked him for the joy and life lessons he gave to the kids.

I’ve watched you on the tour for a few years. I’ve liked your skill and cheerful personality. To be perfectly honest, you were up there as a favorite but there were a few others higher on the list.

I have to say you have crashed through whatever ceiling there was. I drove six hours over to the Kingsmill tournament, mainly because I wanted to see Munoz’s swing in person and Miyazato’s tempo in person. What I received for my efforts in attending the tourney was one of the greatest exhibitions of guts, determination, fearlessness, and sportsmanship I have ever been witness to. The two of you showed the essence of Sport as very few performers ever have, in my opinion. It didn’t matter who won….after about an hour of that display both of you were recognized by all of us in the crowd as doing something that was nothing short of sporting greatness. Without exaggerating I kept thinking of Ali-Frazier. Believe me, you and Shin elevated each other to a level that happens only very, very, very, very rarely. If the LPGA had any sense of PR they would be shouting about that day in Virginia until the rest of the golf world realized just what the Ladies tour is capable of presenting.

I, and a few thousand others, stood there with our mouths hanging open in appreciation. You blew our freaking minds. Thank you so, so much.

Blowing Rock, NC

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