Off-season Q&A with Dewi Claire Schreefel

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Another season has come to an end and with that caught up with several players to get their thoughts on their season, plans for the off-season and if they'll be putting down the clubs and truly take some time off. This week we check in with Dewi Claire Schreefel to see what she has to say about 2012 and what she'll be doing to prepare for next year.

Describe your 2012 season using only one word?
Improved and consistent. I made a lot more cuts and overall I am much more comfortable at the level of the LPGA.

How would you compare this season to seasons in the past?
I am happy with my progress, as I am more consistent throughout my entire game which resulted in only three missed cuts. I also got some experience on top of the leaderboard which is important in the development of my career.

What part of your game have you been the happiest with this season?
I am happy with my bunker game. I think my ball striking has improved a lot too. My misses are much better which gives a lot more consistency.

You've been traveling off and on for about 10 months now, what are you most excited about at home?
Just being home for more than a week or two. Being able to stash away the travel bags for a while.

How will you spend your off-season?
Enjoying all things I like besides golf and after a few weeks get back to work and start preparing for the 2013 season with improving my fitness and every asset of my game.

How long will you put down your clubs?
At least two weeks, at the most a month.

Heading into the off-season do you have anything specific you want to work on with your game?
I will spend most my time on the putting green getting rid of old flaws.

Will you have a specific exercise routine to stay fit prior to 2013?
Spending lots of hours outdoors in California and of course with my trainer.

How do you go about preparing for a new season?
It will start with analyzing this past season and figure out what and how things need to be improved. Write out a plan for each asset of the game. I will spend probably three to four weeks with heavy fitness and pure technical work on the range and putting green. After that transition into more target oriented and playing golf.

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