Granada Wins First LPGA TrackMan Combine Challenge

Julieta Granada
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Julieta Granada of Paraguay plays a shot on the 8th hole during the second round of the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic at the Ocean Club course on May 25, 2013 in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

With a score of 83.7 on the last day of the event, Julieta Granada wins the first LPGA TrackMan Combine Challenge.

Throughout the month of October, LPGA members competed in the Trackman Combine Challenge in hopes of posting the high score for the month. Julieta Granada posted a total score of 83.7 (out of 100) on the last day of the competition to sneak past Pernilla Lindberg’s score of 82.8. The TrackMan Combine is a standardized testing protocol that looks at a golfer’s distance control and accuracy on their approach shots and the golfer’s distance and accuracy with the driver.

Granada’s best target score was 93.0 which occurred at the 160 yard target. Granada averaged a proximity to target of 13.8 feet over the 6 shots. To put that into perspective, the average male amateur averages a proximity of 73 feet at the same distance. Also, the PGA TOUR average is 21 feet from that distance when taking the TrackMan Combine. Granada used her 5 hybrid at the 160 yard target. “I have a lot of practice with that club. I hit my 5 hybrid a lot into the par 4’s on Tour,” Granada explained.

With an average driver club speed of only 87 mph, Granada is not one of the longer hitters on the LPGA Tour. In fact, the average driver club speed on the LPGA Tour is 94 mph. It is little known that the average male amateur has an average driver club speed of 94 mph as well. The average male amateur has an average carry of 192 yards and a total distance of 214 yards with their driver. Even with a club speed of nearly 7 mph less, Granada was able to average 203 yards of carry and 233 yards of total distance. Granada is able to achieve this distance by generating near perfect launch conditions with her driver. Granada’s attack angle of plus 4 allows her to create a launch angle of 14.8 degrees and spin rate of 2248 rpm. All of these numbers translate to Granada being extremely efficient at turning her club speed into maximum distance off the tee.

Granada’s best proximity occurred at the 80 yard target. Granada averaged only 9.5 feet away over the 6 shots. This translated into a score of 88.6 at the 80 yard target. The average male amateur averages 27.1 feet from the target at the same 80 yard distance. When asked if that is a good distance Granada said, “I love 80 yards! It’s usually my go to distance for layups on par 5’s.”  

The standardized method of scoring in the TrackMan Combine allows any golfer around the world to go through the same analysis and compare their ability to the best golfers in the world. With over 10,000 combines collected from golfers of all levels, the TrackMan Combine is becoming the benchmark for measuring ability and potential. When asked about the TrackMan Combine Granada responded, “I love taking the TrackMan Combine during practice. It gives me an idea of what I need to concentrate on. Also, it mimics real tournament pressure since it gives you a score at the end.”

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Granada takes a few moments to answer some questions about her experience with the TrackMan Combine:

Q: What do you like most about the TrackMan Combine?
Granada: I love doing the Trackman Combine for practice. It gives me a great idea of what I need to concentrate on during my practices, whether it’s pitching, long game or driver. Also it mimics real tournament pressure since it gives you a score at the end.

Q: What were the conditions (temperature, wind, etc.) when you took the TrackMan Combine yesterday?
Granada: Perfect Florida day. 80 F with a little down/ right to left wind.

Q: Did you think you would be able to beat Pernilla’s score?
Granada: I had no idea…I was just trying my best!

Q: Your score was 84.5 after the first half of the combine. Did you know that you were doing well?
Granada:Wow! No

Q: Did you feel any pressure towards the end?
Granada: To be honest it was hard to judge how I was doing! I was really just trying to concentrate on each shot.

Q: What was the toughest part of the TrackMan Combine for you? Why?
Granada: After analyzing the score, I think I need to concentrate on the 60 and 70 yard shots. It’s extremely important for me, to score well on par 5’s.

Q: You averaged 9.5 feet away from the 80 yard target. Is this a good layup distance for you?
Granada: I love 80 yards. It’s usually my go to number for layups on par 5’s.

Q: Your best score was at the 160 yard target. You averaged 13.8 feet from the target. What club did you use here? Why do you think you scored so well at this distance?
Granada:I used a 5 hybrid. I have a lot of practice with this club. Usually I hit it into par 4s out on tour.

Q: Any other comments about the process?
Granada: The combine is very productive practice. It tells you what clubs are strengths and weaknesses. Also each shot matters, so it replicates tournament golf.

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