Today's Question in the Holiday Series: Favorite Decoration or Ornament

It's the happiest time of the year, and with the holidays just around the corner, has asked our players to respond to a few festive, holiday questions. Today's question in the series is...Do you have a favorite decoration or ornament?

Brittany Altomare Not really.
Anya Alvarez A wiener dog ornament.
Amy Anderson The Christmas tree.
Dottie Ardina Christmas lights and the tree.
Chella Choi I like the lights.
Jacqui Concolino The one I made in kindergarten.
Lindy Duncan My dog's stocking.
Austin Ernst The Angel on the top of the tree.
Yueer Cindy Feng Anything silver.
Jaye Marie Green The Angel on top of our Christmas tree.
Megan Grehan My collection of Peter Pan ornaments that my godfather has given me over the years as presents.
Natalie Gulbis A homemade one my mom made for me 20 years ago.
Caroline Hedwall The entire Christmas tree.
Daniela Holmqvist Mistletoe
Emma Jandel I love them all! We have a great collection.
Jennifer Johnson My nutcracker collection.
Kim Kaufman When our front porch is decorated with lights, garland and red ribbon.
Stacey Keating 'Gerald the Giraffe', a beaded giraffe from South Africa.
Jennifer Kirby Christmas lights.
Joanna Klatten Christmas lights.
Lydia Ko A shining, singing Santa.
Jessica Korda All - I love Christmas decor.
Cindy LaCrosse A real tree, you can't go wrong.
Mi Rim Lee No favorites
Rebecca Lee-Bentham Bright lights.
XiYu Lin The Christmas tree.
Pernilla Lindberg I'm always in charge of decorating our Christmas tree and I always buy one new ornament to add every year.
Megan McChrystal The lights!
Giulia Molinaro Everything on the Christmas tree.
Erica Popson Ornaments that my sister and I made when we were younger.
Paula Reto The Angel on top of the tree.
Natalie Sheary The Christmas lights outside.
Marta Silva The lights.
Jackie Stoelting My new 2013 U.S. Women's Open ornament from Sebonack!
Line Vedel Light decorations, has a candle for every Sunday in December and you light one each Sunday.
Caroline Westrup The star on the top.


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