Today's Question in the Holiday Series: Do you have any family traditions?

It's the happiest time of the year, and with the holidays just around the corner, has asked our players to respond to a few festive, holiday questions. Today's question in the series is...Do you have any family traditions?

Anya Alvarez Eating
Amy Anderson Fall asleep after lunch :) and play games, music and sing carols.
Dottie Ardina No traditions
Chella Choi Decorate the Christmas tree.
Jacqui Concolino Christmas Eve party that my parents host.
Lindy Duncan No traditions
Austin Ernst We open one present Christmas Eve, my grandparents come over for breakfast Christmas day and we have Christmas dinner with the entire family.
Yueer Cindy Feng Not really.
Jaye Marie Green We go to my grandparents for an Italian feast!
Megan Grehan Christmas is all about food! My mom makes the best Peanut Brittle and German Stollen bread.
Natalie Gulbis Watching the Christmas Vacation movie.
Caroline Hedwall Going skiing over the New Year's
Daniela Holmqvist To watch the telecast from the Vatican and have a glass of champagne.
Emma Jandel We always have family and friends over Christmas Eve.
Jennifer Johnson Each year we add one nutcracker to our collection. I think I have over 15 nutcrackers now.
Hanna Kang We attend church service.
Kim Kaufman Spending Christmas Eve with my dad's family at the Mayer family farm and eating homemade ice cream.
Stacey Keating Eat a lot, then a big tennis match.
I.K. Kim Mom's cooking!!
Joanna Klatten Always go to church the evening of Christmas.
Lydia Ko Open presents the day of.
Jessica Korda We celebrate on the 24th not the 25th.
Cindy LaCrosse We go to my aunts house in Lakeland and 30 or more family members are there.
Mi Rim Lee No traditions
Rebecca Lee-Bentham Family gathering.
XiYu Lin No...we celebrate Chinese New Year.
Pernilla Lindberg We always celebrate Christmas at home or near my home with family and close relatives.
Megan McChrystal Baking cookies.
Giulia Molinaro We eat a special Italian cake.
Erica Popson My family gets together on Christmas Eve.
Paula Reto Going to church either before Christmas or after.
Natalie Sheary We go to my aunt's house Christmas eve, my house Christmas morning and the tree goes out of the house on the 26th.
Marta Silva We dress up pretty ridiculously and have a sing/dance off competition.
Kristie Smith Aussie BBQ
Jackie Stoelting My mom makes a casserole for breakfast on Christmas. Since my husband and I have been together, both of our families (parents and siblings) have Christmas dinner together.
Line Vedel We always stay at the same house and have breakfast the 25th of December.
Caroline Westrup Breakfast in the morning, church, Christmas dinner and a long walk the following day.


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