Diamonds Out of the Rough: Amanda Blumenherst

Love is in the air! And a group of LPGA Tour pros are catching the romance, as a number are tieing the knot. caught up with Amanda Blumenherst to get the details of how she met her husband and how she prepared for the big day while traveling on Tour.

Tell us how you and your husband met. 
We met at Freshmen Orientation at Duke University.  There were several activities that week and one of them was “The Chapel Climb” where we climbed to the top of the Duke Chapel.  Nate and his baseball teammates were standing behind me and my dorm friends in line.  We were friends during our Freshman year and then starting dating the first day of our Sophomore year.

How did he propose? 
Nate proposed in October of 2011 in Bali.  He was my caddie for the Asia events after his baseball season had finished. We had a week off in between the tournaments in Taiwan and Japan, so instead of going all the way back to the States, we went to Bali for the week.  The second night we were there, we took a walk on the beach after dinner.  We were the only ones on the beach and it was absolutely beautiful.  Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He had been carrying the ring with him for the past two weeks in Malaysia and Taiwan, and I had NO idea.  It was a complete surprise.

Was it hard to plan a wedding while traveling on Tour?  
Planning a wedding while playing professional golf was a little bit of a struggle, but my mom was a tremendous help and I started the wedding planning process once we got engaged.

What color scheme did you use?
Plum and Ivory.

Were any fellow players in your wedding?
No, I had five bridesmaids: My sister (the maid of honor), two cousins and one of my best friends, Jennifer Pandolfi (college teammate). 

Favorite part of your wedding day?
I had two favorite parts: when they pronounced us husband and wife and we shared our first kiss as a married couple, and the speech Nate gave at the reception.

Where did you decide to honeymoon?
Couples Swept Away, Negril, Jamaica.

Will you be changing your name?
I will change my name legally, but keep my maiden name on Tour.

How often will you get to see your husband once the season starts?
Not enough! Since baseball and golf have the same season, we won't be able to see each other at home, but I will meet him on the road whenever we have an off week.

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