Find out what type of course fits each rookie's game

It's time to get to know the 2013 class of rookies. has asked our "New" rookies to respond to a few fun questions to give fans a little insight on the next class of stars. Today's question in the series is...What type of course fits your game the best?



Marina Alex

Any Fazio course, I don't know why but I play well on them.



Chi Arimura

I like the tight shorter courses.



Frances Bondad

The old tree lined course and links courses.



Katie Burnett

There isn't one course type that particularly fits my game, I have played well on all golf course types and vice versa.



Perine Delacour

The type of course that best fits my game is the target course for my power and the links course for my shot making ability.



Lauren Doughtie

Ones that you can take risks but would also have to hit good shots to get a good score.



Paz Echeverria

The ones that take the precise shots.



Victoria Elizabeth

Whatever course I'm playing!



Breanna Elliott When I can take advantage of par 5s that have length off the tee.

Marita Engzelius

I don't have a favorite type of course, but I don't mind rain and wind, that makes for good golf.



Austin Ernst

I like a course that has high shot values.



Jordan Hardy

I enjoy tighter courses where accuracy is key.



Daniela Iacobelli

I like ones that are open with minimal trouble :).



Kelly Jacques

I like ones that are tight, tree lined with fast greens.



Felicity Johnson

Target golf, I love getting a number and firing at the flags.



Sara-Maude Juneau

I like "shot making" golf courses, where you need to be creative.



Moriya Jutanugarn

I like any course.



Taylore Karle

Links and ones with major challenges.



Sue Kim

I like seeing "Green", but having been brought up on tree lined course, I'm more comfortable with seeing a lot of tall trees.



Jiayun Li

Full of trees with a lot of hills and water, because I think I am a straight hitter.



Inhong Lim

I like ones with many hills.



Alejandra Llaneza

I like tight courses.



Caroline Masson

I like the tight and difficult courses.



Lisa McCloskey

I'm a traditional course fan.



Haley Millsap Ones that fits a draw!

Kayla Mortellaro

All, I need to be adaptable at this level.



Garrett Phillips

The longer the better.



Nicole Smith

Whatever you put in front of me.



Marina Stuetz

I like long courses.



Ayako Uehara

I like the tricky courses.


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