Get to know the 2013 Rookie Class

It's time to get to know the 2013 class of rookies. has asked our "New" rookies to respond to a few fun questions to give fans a little insight on the next class of stars. Today's question in the series is...How did you spend your off-season?



Marina Alex

I was home in New Jersey spending time with family and friends. I started training in early January.



Chi Arimura

I played a few events in Japan then I relaxed with family and friends. Of course, I trained a lot.



Frances Bondad

I visited family in the Philippines and I worked hard in the gym and on my game.



Katie Burnett

I spent part of my off-season in Morocco trying to qualify for the LET, then I spent Christmas and New Year's in Sweden, and then back to my hometown.



Perine Delacour

I was back in France and training with my coach.



Brianna Do

I took some time off from golf, updated my closet, worked out and thought about looking for a temporary job.



Lauren Doughtie

I took a little break, spent time with family and started working hard for 2013.



Paz Echeverria

I worked with my coach on my swing and spent time with family and friends.



Victoria Elizabeth

I took a few weeks off, traveled and spent time with family. I spent the rest of the off-season practicing, working with my coach and trainer and getting plenty of rest.



Breanna Elliott

I didn't have one. Australian winter in US and US winter in Australia.



Marita Engzelius

I planned for 2013, celebrated Christmas, practiced and got better both physically and on the golf course.



Austin Ernst

I spent time with friends and family, worked on my game and fitness to get ready for 2013.



Jordan Hardy

I worked in my mom's gift store at home through Christmas. Then I started preparing for 2013.



Daniela Iacobelli

Practiced and planned!!



Kelly Jacques

Worked out hard, got really good at 120 yards and in, and continued to enjoy life.



Felicity Johnson

I went home to take a break at Christmas, then headed to Australia early in the new year.



Sara-Maude Juneau

Just tried to adjust to all the changes, practiced golf and relaxed with friends and family.



Moriya Jutanugarn




Taylore Karle

Worked hard on my game and myself. I enjoyed the holidays with family and friends.



Sue Kim

Effective practice in Orlando while getting ready for the 2013 season.



Jiayun Li

I got a little rest and then it was back to practice to prepare for this season.



Inhong Lim

I was in Korea for a few weeks to spend time with family and friends. Then spent the New Year with immediate family in Australia.



Alejandra Llaneza

Relaxed at home (Mexico City) with friends and family.



Caroline Masson

I was home and didn't touch a club for three weeks.



Lisa McCloskey

I went on a cruise and practiced for the 2013 season.



Haley Millsap

Continued my time at Downline Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee.



Kayla Mortellaro

Practiced and prepared for the upcoming season.



Brooke Pancake

Hibernated and got ready for the upcoming season.



Garrett Phillips

Worked on my putting and tried to gain some muscle weight.



Nicole Smith

Got ready for the 2013 season!



Marina Stuetz

Spent time with family.



Ayako Uehara

I took some time off and visited Korea for sightseeing with my family.

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