A Quick Q&A with Belen Mozo

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Recently South Florida Golf Magazine caught up with Belen Mozo for a quick Q&A. For the complete story... More>>

What is your favorite golf course around South Florida and why?

I'm privileged to have friends all over the area, so I'm always discovering really beautiful and challenging courses in South Florida and jump at the opportunity to play somewhere new.  However, my favorite has to be The Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound.   I'm a little biased since it's my home course, but I really love it.  The course is difficult and kept in tournament condition, especially the greens, but at the same time it's really natural and authentic feeling.  I also love the people there: I'm friends with many of the other pros who practice there, the staff and members are super nice, and of course my coach, Mike Adams, is based there.  The combination of a great golf course and great people make it my favorite place to play.  

What do you consider the strongest part of your game?
I consider my iron play to be the strongest area of my game.  I feel really confident with my ball-striking and my ability to shape shots.  I also think I'm a pretty imaginative player.  Like many Spanish players, I like the challenge of getting myself out of trouble.  And even though I'm really competitive, I like to have fun on the golf course, even when I'm playing a tournament, and I consider that a strength.  Having a little bit of perspective helps me to bounce back from a tough hole.  

Outside of golf, what is your favorite pastime?
I love to play and watch tennis.  I also have lots of time to read since I travel so much between tournaments;  I like to read mostly about different cultures and history -I was an International Relations major in college- but also some fiction from time to time.  And of course I love the beach – I grew up near the beach (El Puerto de Santa Maria) in the South of Spain, so it's still a big part of me and I take every chance I get to relax on the beach.  That's the great thing about Florida is I have access to all my favorite activities.  

If she wasn't a golfer, what would be her occupation right now?
I really like design. Mostly clothing design. But more importantly, I studied International Relations at University of Southern California with the intention of someday creating an organization to give kids in underdeveloped countries access to education they deserve, and the opportunities I had when I was growing up that were available to me as an athlete. I believe sports opens a lot of doors in life and teaches a lot of great human and life qualities, so I'd like to ultimately create a sports scholarship program in areas that need it most.  


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