Who are you looking forward to meeting the most on Tour and why?

It's time to get to know the 2013 class of rookies. LPGA.com has asked our "New" rookies to respond to a few fun questions to give fans a little insight on the next class of stars. Today's question in the series is...Who are you looking forward to meeting the most on Tour and why?



Marina Alex

Everyone, you never know what great friends you will make.



Chi Arimura

I've already met many of the LPGA players at the Majors and in Japan.



Frances Bondad

Katie Futcher, because she's genuine and fun to be around.



Katie Burnett

Suzann Pettersen just because she has always been one of the players I have looked up too, I like the way she plays the game.



Perine Delacour

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on Tour.



Paz Echeverria

No one special, I just would like to see my Latin friends.



Breanna Elliott I am just looking forward to playing with the girls you have grown up watching on Television.

Marita Engzelius

Suzann Pettersen, because she is very inspiring and I love her professionalism in everything she does.



Daniela Iacobelli

I already did! Nancy Lopez! It was awesome, I have looked up to her since I was a kid.



Felicity Johnson

I wouldn't want to single anyone out!



Sara-Maude Juneau

I'm excited to meet Lorie Kane, because she's from Canada and I've heard great things about her.



Taylore Karle

I have many friends on Tour already and I look forward to playing with them and learning the ropes.



Sue Kim

Natalie Gulbis, because she was one of the nicest and down-to-earth person I've met.



Jiayun Li

Shanshan Feng, because we are good friends and started golf together. We live in the same city and every year we get together during her off-season.



Inhong Lim

Se Ri Pak because she was the reason I started playing golf.



Alejandra Llaneza

Yani Tseng because she's the best at the moment and Alison Walshe because we were teammates at University of Arizona.



Caroline Masson




Lisa McCloskey

Everyone...especially veterans who I grew up watching as a kid.



Kayla Mortellaro

Everyone, I'm excited for the future and friendships!



Garrett Phillips

Suzann Pettersen because she is a true competitor.



Nicole Smith

Suzann Pettersen, because I like how she plays.



Marina Stuetz

Yani Tseng, because she's the number one player in the world and I want to have new experiences.



Ayako Uehara

The players that are very good at juggling playing with parenthood.


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