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Florida's Natural Moms Blog with Sophia Sheridan

Sophia Sheridan with her husband and daughter at Christmas.

In this month's Florida's Natural Moms Blog, we look at Sophia Sheridan, a new mom on Tour. Sheridan takes a moment while "Marisa" is down for her afternoon nap for a Quick Q&A with LPGA.com.

Did you miss playing golf once you took time off while pregnant?
Not only golf but actually doing any physical activity. My last tournament was the 2012 Mobile Bay LPGA Classic due to my backache and I had to stop practicing last summer in June, because I had really low pressure and would get dizzy. For the last four months of my pregnancy I didn't do much...and I'm definitely not a woman who likes to just sit around ;)!

Tell us about your little girl?
Her name is Marisa, we named her after my mother-in law who passed away 11 years ago. She's seven months old, eats all kinds of baby food and loves playing with her toys while sitting up! She puts all of them into her mouth! She's a very happy baby and she never really cries. 

How long after you had Marisa did you get back into golf?
I had a C-section so I had to wait a little, but I started hitting balls two months after having her and then I started to work out right at the three month mark. 

What has changed with your game?
Not much really except I do hit it 7 yds. shorter :( but I know I will get it back with time and workouts. 

How do you juggle family time and golf time?
I had to cut out some practice hours...I do everything (practice and work out) between 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and everything after 2 p.m. is now family time. When I'm practicing she either stays with the nanny or with my mom. Family now takes priority number one in my life so if I have to sacrifice practice hours I do it. I've learned how to relax and play with what I have! 

Do you plan to bring Marisa along on the road?
I do!!!! Unfortunately due to my LPGA status I only bring her if I have gotten into the tournament otherwise she stays with my mom during the week and my husband on the weekends! 

What will be the hardest part about traveling now?
Leaving her behind for sure! That's why I am really focusing on qualifying and improving my status; that way she can travel with me all the time! Also, I think my husband will miss her a lot if I bring her along too often so hopefully he will be able to come a few times too!

What advice have other moms on tour given you? 
My good friend from Tour, Danah Bordner, had a baby just a month after me so we definitely discuss a lot of stuff. It's great to have someone so close to me that's going through the same stuff. Face time is a must use App and my husband and mom send me pics all the time all day! Pretty much I've been told there's no recipe, you just do it, but make sure family always comes first!

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