Quick 18 with Austin Ernst

Austin Ernst
Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Austin Ernst hits a tee shot during the first round of the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup at Wildfire Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Favorite part of your game you like to practice and what is your basic routine?
Short game - chipping. Get to hit a lot of difficult shots and use your imagination.

2. What is your favorite snack to eat on the course?
Peanut butter sandwich.

3. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be?
Miranda Lambert - so I could sing and be married to Blake Shelton.

4. Do you have any nicknames?

5. What is your favorite sport to watch besides golf?
Football - specifically college football.

6. Is there anything you are addicted to? Or can't live without?
Sweet tea - I have to have at least one glass of it a day.

7. Are you an avid reader? If so, what's the last book you read?
I have grown to be.

8. Most memorable moment in your career?
Final-round 66 to win the 2011 NCAA Individual Championship.

9. Who is the most frequently dialed person in your cell phone?
My Dad.

10. Do you have a favorite golf club in your bag?
All 14.

11. What would we find in your bag besides golf clubs?
Lots of granola bars.

12. What is your favorite meal off the course?
Steak and baked potato with sweet tea.

13. Favorite way to stay in shape?
Playing other sports: basketball and tennis.

14. If you could do another job for a day, what would you do?
Country music singer.

15. What other sport would you like to be good at?

16. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?
A boat, a stereo, and lots of sweet tea.

17. You are always on the road traveling, but what is the one place in the world that you really want to visit?

18. What movie do you watch again and again?
The Waterboy.

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