Caddie Confidential with Dean Herden

In this revealing look at the sport of golf, will catch up with popular caddies on Tour to learn some of the most entertaining stories about their job and player. They'll provide an insider's scoop on and off the course. Up next in the series is Dean Herden, caddie to Hee Kyung Seo, he'll share insider scoop on Seo.

Nickname on Tour: Deano

Years on tour: 20 (12 men's/8 women's)

Years with player: Hee Kyung Seo – Since October 2011

How many wins total in caddie career: 41 worldwide

How did you start caddying for Hee Kyung:
I knew her well when I worked on the Korean LPGA Tour in 2008.

Things we don’t know about Hee Kyung:

    - Awesome, solid personality
    - Very caring and honest to people
    - Funny sense of humor
    - Loves pets and wanted to be a vet

How early does she arrive at the course?
Two hours.

Is she a talker on the course?
Most of the time yes.

What’s your involvement on the course?
Yardage, wind direction, club choice and sometimes putting.

The most interesting thing she carries in her bag:
She carries a plastic banana cover to protect against squashed banana in the golf bag.

How did you end up on tour?
A friend who I played the Tour with invited me to do a season on the men’s Japan Tour in 1992.

Most embarrassing caddie moment:
I won't go into details but it involved just before teeing off, rushing to use a Japanese style toilet while wearing caddy overalls and it ended up a messy situation after "I thought" I was finished.

Best caddie career moment:
Winning for the first time in 1994.

Favorite course and why:
Kingston Heath Golf Club (Melbourne, Australia)

What do you do in the off season:
I renovate my house or go fishing.

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