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Equipment Insider - May

May 26 2013, Caroline Rankin

Caroline Rankin is our newest contributor to as our Equipment Insider. Caroline travels with the Tour each week and will bring you the latest information on golf equipment.

May 26, 2013

The beautiful Bahamas! This is the LPGA’s first trip here, and that means everyone had a lot of work to do in preparation for the event.

Most caddies see the golf course before their players every lay eyes on it. That way if there is a question, the caddy has the answer. Walking the golf course takes time, and according to Colin Cann, long time caddy for Paula Creamer, you can’t possibly spend enough time on a new course.

The main objectives are finding targets off the tees, charting greens, double checking yardages, and finding the needed carries.

It goes without saying that anytime you find a caddy walking a golf course he/she will have their yardage book first a foremost. This is their “GPS” to get them around the course. It shows you what’s in front of you before you get there.  Secondly, they will have their rangefinder on practice days. Nearly every player I’ve run into has a Bushnell and they all use one with slope so they can see how many yards a particular shot will play up or downhill. For charting greens – a lot of people will use a bubble level – they step off the green, find the most likely pin positions and use the information they get to determine how much slope and break a particular putt may have.

This week has been far from “normal,” but the work was done before any of the massive rains came. Our course was quite literally under water, and the tournament was forced into a 12-hole Friday start. These things you can’t prepare for, only take as they come. After all… We’re playing in Pure Paradise and girls of the LPGA will make sure the weekend stays interesting!

May 19, 2013

In a woman’s shoe closet you’ll likely find an assortment from flip flops to pumps, but the girls on the LPGA have a special section dedicated to their golf shoes.

This week I found Ann Cain in the locker room, per usual. The long-standing rep for Titleist/FootJoy has gone to nearly every LPGA event for almost twenty years, and is usually set up in the same place every week with a line of girls needing a moment of her time.  

Ann usually has around 550 pounds of product to hand out on any given week. With FootJoy being the number one choice in footwear, this is no small task. While they offer stock inventory, their MyJoy program is where it gets interesting. The ladies are offered six different styles of shoes, but the players build them exactly how they want – Picking everything from the base color to the shoelaces. There are 40 colors and a variety of texture patterns with new colors and patterns rotating in and out. They can even add text or logos to their shoes for a more personalized touch. While there are some players who prefer all white or black shoes, some like to spice it up a bit and FootJoy makes sure the latest color trends are available.


May 4, 2013

The battle of the putters continued this week at the Kingsmill Championship in Williamsburg, VA – which is no surprise, really. TaylorMade and Callaway are constantly battling to win the count, rotating each week between 1 and 2. This week it was Callaway’s turn. Be sure to stay tuned, as this yearlong race is bound to be interesting with both companies offering new putter lines and models to meet the player’s needs.

The new Odyssey Versa line of putters uses black and white contrast to help improve alignment. The color contrast highlights the face angle from address to impact for alignment accuracy. Odyssey offers this new concept in many styles including mallet, blade and 2 Ball. While the mallet and 2 ball models keep up with traditional horizontal alignment (face to back), the blade version uses vertical lines (heel to toe); this helps the player align the putter head perpendicular to the target.

TaylorMade was just shy of winning the count this week, but their Daddy Long Legs model from the Spider line is becoming more popular among tour players. It was created to help bridge the gap between standard length and long putters. The Daddy Long Legs has the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) of all of their putters keeping it incredibly well balanced and twist resistant. This mid-length putter could help players with making a transition if the USGA passes the anchoring ban.

Side Note: Cristie Kerr recently put her Odyssey Marxman putter back in play, which she named ‘Sexy’. Tune in to Sunday’s Final Round coverage of the Kingsmill Championship on Golf Channel to see if can finish at the top of the leaderboard with her old friend “Sexy” in the bag.

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