Golf Tip with Paige Mackenzie

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Still Eyes, Still Head

Everyone always tells you to keep your head still which is sometimes easier said than done.  This is my trick to keeping my head still while putting.

The Bump and Run Shot

Have you ever hit a bump and run that doesn’t run? Did you create unintended backspin? In this tip Paige Mackenzie will teach you how to hit a bump and run shot. This shot is guaranteed to release.


The address position and alignment is like a foundation of a house. It is the most important step in building a strong golf swing. This is what I do to improve my alignment with every practice session

40-50 Pitch Shot

I have met so many golfers that are afraid of “laying up” to 40-50 yards from the green. Here are my thoughts on how to master the 40-50 pitch shot so that you will never be afraid of laying up again.

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