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Belen Mozo
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Belen Mozo shares with her experiences from attending her first Prom a with Special Olympics golfer named Alex Notte.

What was your first reaction when you saw the prom invite video?
It was emotional for me when I saw the video for the first time.  I was practicing at my home course, The Medalist, and I got a tweet from someone in Spain directing my attention to Alex's video.  I was so honored he thought of me and took the time to make the video inviting me to prom.  It was so sweet, and I knew I wanted to say yes immediately.  I called my agent from the course, and asked him to reach out to Alex's family and clear my schedule for the week of May 11th.   

Why did you decide to say yes?
First of all, I was just flattered and honored that he remembered meeting me in Rochester, and that he had the determination and courage to go for it, and take the chance to ask me.  I admire people who aren't afraid to go after what they want in life, and Alex is definitely one of those people.  Also, I knew it would just be a lot of fun.  I had never been to prom, but I knew we would have a good time, and by taking a little time out of my normal schedule to go to Knoxville, it could bring a big smile to Alex's face.  To have the opportunity to do something simple and make a big positive impact on someone, that's so cool and I wouldn't pass up that opportunity.  

Since you didn’t have prom in Europe, who did you talk to learn what prom was all about?
All of my expectations of prom I learned from the movies!  And it's funny because all of my expectations were pretty much right on.  

Tell us about your day with Alex.
We met up at his home club in Knoxville in the morning where we played a hole of golf.  It started pouring rain so it got cut short, but it was awesome.  Alex bombed his drive 210 yards down the fairway, he helped me read my putt, it was awesome.  He was so cool and confident. Then once the sun came out,  I hosted a clinic to raise awareness and some funds for the Special Olympics, which was great. Alex came up and hit another perfect drive and the crowd went crazy.  

Then we had dinner back at the club with some of his friends, and headed off to the prom.  We had so much fun.  Alex was the star of the show, he was showing off some of his dance moves and introduced me to all his friends.  He actually was named first runner up for Prom King, and the guy who won tried to give Alex his crown, but Alex refused.  He is so humble, loving, and positive, and even though people were saying how he was so lucky and grateful for me to come to Knoxville, I feel like I am the lucky one, and that I learned so much from him.  

Now that you’ve been to a prom tell us what that experience was like?
It was just a lot of fun.  I'm grateful that Alex was willing to share that experience with me, and that the other kids at Bearden High School were so welcoming to me and so supportive of Alex.  

What was the highlight of your day?
The highlight of my day was definitely when I asked Alex to come hit a few shots during my clinic, and he took out his driver and crushed it, then just walked right off the range.  He threw his club back into his bag and just walked around giving high fives.  He put on a show for his fans, and I was so proud of him. 

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