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My Kind of Fun

I think the number one question I get asked is, “What do you like to do in your time off?”  I always say, “well working out, running with the household dog, hiking, riding a bike, being outside and being active.” I mean let’s be honest, I am a girl and girls like to shop, and being with my family the little time I have at home is always enjoyable, but being outside and active is a passion.  Some people can relate and some don’t; no biggie. But you know you share a passion when your sponsor is a Triathlete and you rock their Compression Socks when you run.

After a day on the golf course and over some pizza, in the off-season, Eric (the CEO of ProCompression) and I were chatting, and he invited me to join the PC Team in an exhilarating race of fitness, a Sprint Triathlon. A Sprint Tri included a 500 meter swim, 14 miles of bike, and a 3-mile run.  I couldn’t turn it down!! Heck yes I want to join; anything to show my sponsor and friend that I can hang in his world of fitness. 

So he signed me up. March 2nd of this year, after three weeks in Australia and a week before the RR Donnelly, I decided to take a day, put down the sticks and pick up a bike to compete for fun!! It was my second triathlon and I was pumped.
The Friday night before the race I joined Eric, his beautiful family and friends for dinner, and was struck in aw of the people sitting around me.  Some Ironman giants!! Michellie Jones (Olympic silver medalist, Ironman World Champion, Xterra World Champion and two-time ITU World Champion), Tanja Canter (two-time Team USA Member for the Sprint Triathlon World Championship), Brad Bounds (Ironman World Champion qualifier and Half Ironman World Champion Qualifier) and some other great athletes.   

I have been around a lot of the top golfers but I was wowed being there and chatting with these guys.  The best part about the gang is they were so welcoming to me! Saturday morning they crushed me in the Sprint Triathlon. I saw them finishing the last leg of the bike portion when I was in the beginning parts of mine! Haha. That’s a big difference- me on mile 3 on the bike and them on mile 10 of the bike.  Especially since I started the race in the wave 3 minutes behind them. They all finished the race in about an hour and change and all placed first or second in their division!! Again, Wow.  I finished at 1 hour and 37  minutes which beat my goal of 1 hour and 45 minutes.  In my division I finished 17th out of 24 people.  I was pleased with my achievement, and I think they were pretty impressed too that a golfer could come out, with no training for this, compete and finish strong.

I would have to say my favorite part of the event was when I was coming down the last stretch of my race running, and I looked up from tying my shoe and saw everyone there jogging it out, cooling off, and cheering for me from the side lines.  It was so awesome; it gave me a big smile on my face and a huge boost to finish the race.  Golf doesn’t get to yell and cheer you on with cowbells like in triathlons, or a team to look up and see wearing the same uniform to motivate you. 

Not going to lie, after I finished the bike portion of the race and took off on the run, I was grabbing a cup of water from some volunteers and had a thought, “Gosh this is a ridiculous Saturday morning. Who does this for fun?!”  I laughed and took off running harder.  “I do!” Somehow this is fun! My fun.  I still smile and laugh writing this knowing that the next offer I get to compete in one I will take it.  And a little secret, Google Ragnar Race, I am signing up for one of those in the fall.  Yup, my kind of fun.

Before leaving the grounds after the race, the gang was talking about how they were doing a relay on Sunday morning.  I giggled to myself and informed them I would be taking the bike out of the car and putting my clubs back in where they belonged.

ProCompression socks are amazing.  I wore my neon green calf sleeves during the race and hung out all afternoon in my neon green and pink marathon socks and wasn’t sore the next day out on the course.    Big thanks to my ProCompression socks and my trainer Janet Alexander for always keeping me fit and ready to show my athleticism!!!

If I could leave a fingerprint of my choosing on the game of golf, it would be to show that golfers are athletes.  That if you train to be an athlete you can do anything that comes your way!


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