Karin Sjodin gives an update on her injury

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A couple of weeks ago we were playing at Ko Olina in Hawaii. That tournament has been on the schedule on and off since my rookie year and I really enjoy going there, despite the long flight! This year the Hawaiian paradise wasn't very good to me though. On or off the course...

I've struggled a bit with a back issue all year, but it became more serious while in Hawaii. One day I sat down for lunch at the golf course and could hardly get up from the chair. After seeing a doctor in Dallas a few days later and doing a couple of MRIs I found out that I have two herniated discs in the lower back. Ouch! They hurt!

A bunch of medicine made it possible for me to move again and once the worst pain was gone I started rehabbing the back. I'm seeing a Physical Therapist three times a week and doing exercises on my own six times a day - it's redundant and fairly boring, but listening to good music and podcasts from Sveriges Radio makes it bearable! That Spotify subscription is definitely paying off :)

I still don't know when I'll be able to start practicing again and I have absolutely no clue about when I'll be back on tour. But I will be back! And I'll be back stronger and better than ever!!!

Following are some pre-injury photos from Hawaii to cheer you up after reading that depressing blog post :)

Take a look at photos from her trip:

Favorite spot

Hello, big boy (or girl)

Water, sky, clouds, lava rocks. And two sea turtles!!!

A pregnant, endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal (one of the rarest mammals on earth - only 1300 remains). Pretty sure my Mom had a similar view when she gave birth to me :)


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