A Quick Q&A with Paula Creamer about the Home of Golf

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Paula Creamer of the USA cartwheels in front of the Swilken Bridge on the 18th hole during the pro-am as a preview for the 2013 Ricoh Women's British Open.

LPGA.com caught up with Paula Creamer for a quick Q&A to talk about how special it is to play at St. Andrews, the home of golf.

How excited are you to return to St. Andrews? 
I am extremely excited to be returning to the home of golf.  I have been counting down the days for quite awhile!!

What would it mean to you to add a second major win at the home of golf? 
It would be a wonderful birthday present, as my birthday is the Monday after.  I also think it would be great, since I am an ambassador of Ricoh!

You had a great finish the last time. What will you take from then to help with this year? 
Patience is the key. Due to all sorts of weather elements that we will face, one can’t get too up or down.

What is it about the Old Course that suits your game? 
It is a golf course that you can never see enough of.  It requires a lot of strategy and course management.  The more challenging, the better!!

Do you have a favorite hole and why? 
It’s hard to have a favorite hole, as each of the 18 holes are so great!  But if I had to choose, I think holes 1 and 18, that entire area is pretty cool, especially with the Swilcan Bridge and it’s rich history.

In 2007 you did a cartwheel in front of the Swilcan Bridge. Any ideas for what you could do this year? 
Hmm….there might be a surprise.  Who knows??!!

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Ricoh Women's British Open Return to St. Andrews: Paula Creamer

LPGA.com talked to several players about how special it is to play at St. Andrews, the home of golf. Paula Creamer shares her thoughts.

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