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Equipment Insider - August

August 17 2013, Caroline Rankin

Caroline Rankin is our newest contributor to as our Equipment Insider. Caroline travels with the Tour each week and will bring you the latest information on golf equipment.

2013 Solheim Cup

The Solheim Cup finds its way onto the LPGA and LET schedules once every two years, and is highly anticipated each of the 730 days that separate the meeting. It’s a unique chance to take an individual sport and morph it into a team effort, make fierce competitors allies and bring together nations all in the name of sport.

To play the part, you must look the part, and this is no small task. It took US captain, Meg Mallon over a year to compile each piece of her team’s uniform. Antigua, an Arizona based apparel company is outfitting Team USA with two apparel changes per tournament day, as well as an outfit for each practice day, a jacket, vest and hats equaling more than 40 total pieces. Be on the lookout for the horseshoe incorporated on Team USA’s apparel this year, a little something to pay tribute to the Colorado cowboy and hopefully bring a little luck into the week.

European captain, Liselotte Neuman trusted Abacus, a Swedish apparel company that has been providing Team Europe with their uniforms since 2007. It is estimated that 320 yards of DryCool™ material has been used in their polos, and Abacus also added special fibers to aid in the protection of UV rays. They too will have two outfits for each day of competition in addition to their practice uniforms. Good luck counting them all, but a total of 6,876 golden stars can be found on Team Europe’s 2013 apparel. Members, captains and co-captains from both teams went through multiple fitting sessions to ensure the comfort and performance of their individual uniform.

We are keeping our fingers crossed they won’t need it, but Sunice and Abacus are providing the rain gear for the USA and European teams respectively.

Keeping the team spirit, members from both USA and Europe will carry matching towels provided by Players Towel for the third consecutive Solheim Cup. This Phoenix based company, owned and operated by a former LPGA Tour caddy, provides personalized towels for the majority of tour players week in and out on tours across the globe. With both teams opting for white towels, Team USA will sport a red border while Team Europe will have a blue border, both teams showcasing the Solheim Cup Logo in the lower right hand corner. Patrons will also find these special edition Solheim Cup Players Towels in the merchandise tent on site.

Be sure to take notice of the girls’ stylish footwear too! Ladies from both teams will be sporting custom golf shoes. Some of my favorites come from ECCO and FootJoy.

While the clothing and accessories will be fun to look at, make no mistake about it, the golf this week in Colorado will be top-notch. Raw guts, talent, patriotism and sportsmanship will be on display over the next three days. Each player will lay it all on the line, leaving every ounce energy on the golf course in hopes of hoisting the cup come sunset on Sunday.

RICOH Women's British Open

This week’s Ricoh Women’s British Open at St. Andrews Links will bring glimpses into history and allow for experiences that most can only hope their lifetime will permit. However, among all of that, there is a job to be done, and St. Andrews will undoubtedly be a true test of the game for the entire field - Be warned though, the girls have been planning and preparing for quite sometime.

The trend amongst the manufacturers over the past few weeks and months have been helping players test and try out clubs that will perform best at The Home of Golf – most notably hybrids that will help in the battle against the elements.

One of the most popular models among LPGA Tour players seems to be the Adams Super DHy Driving Hybrid, making the gap between long irons and hybrids nearly seamless. These driving hybrids are lengthy and forgiving like a hybrid, but also allow you to have the workability of a long iron. They give players a lower ball flight with less spin, making it perfect for the windy conditions traditionally associated with a links course.

The IDEA Super 9031 is a smaller headed hybrid than their Super LS model. This hybrid also provides a lower launch angle and lower spin rate. Popular lofts among the tour players were 16° and 18°.

While they players surely packed their suitcases with everything from tank tops to rain gear in anticipation of what Mother Nature may bring this week, their golf bags were packed and ready to go well ahead of time, in hopes of taking a quick snap shot on the Swilken Bridge with a little hardware in hand.

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