Belen Mozo's Workout Routine

Belen Mozo recently posted a few workout photos and videos to her Instagram account. caught up with her to ask how she stays in shape.

Q: What’s your favorite way to keep in shape?

Belen: I love being in shape so I always try to go to the gym. I don't usually go for runs and I don't believe running is very healthy for you and I have also been told that by my trainers. If I want to do cardio I'll do sprints or go for an hour swim. But that's just for endurance. If I need muscle building I'll just follow my workout routine that my trainer Dave Donatucci sends me every week. 

Q: What is your workout routine like during a tournament compared to an off week?

Belen: During tournaments I will have Monday and Tuesday be the highest intensity workouts and by the time the tournament goes by I will diminish the intensity. The intention is to always try to go either before or after my round. However, that's not easy every week because of my time schedule or the availability of gyms around the golf course.

Q: How does staying in shape help your game?

Belen: To me staying in shape goes hand in hand with staying sharp with my swing. If I don't feel in shape, I don't think I swing that well. It gives me a lot of stability and strength and obviously power to hit the ball longer.

Q: Is there a quick tip you can give our readers?

Belen: When I ask people about their workout regime most of them say they don't have time to go, but I am a true believer that you can always make time. It is when you make time and effort to go, when you feel better afterwards and that feeling is what gets you kind of addicted. 

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Belen Mozo Workout

Belen Mozo trains during an off week.

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