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September 21 2013, Katie Ann Robinson

Catriona Matthew models the perfect balance

Assembling a stellar 2013 golf campaign while also raising a family in Scotland, Catriona Matthew has given a whole new meaning to the term “super mom.”

As the highest-ranked mom on the LPGA Tour at No. 10, Matthew has seemingly produced the perfect balance between work and family. But she said it all couldn’t be done without the help of her part-time caddy and full-time husband and father Graeme, who she married in 1994 just before her first year on the LPGA Tour.

“I’ve been lucky to have my husband Graeme,” said Matthew. “You always feel guilty when you’re away, I feel as though I should be at home. I think everyone is different but you just have to find that balance that works with your family.”

Matthew’s method behind her double-duty life consists of 22 weeks of competition on the LPGA Tour but the remainder of the year Matthew switches into mom-mode, juggling the never-ending schedule of afterschool activities for her two daughters, Katie, age 6 and Sophie, age 4.

“They’ve got a full schedule with all their activities with dancing, swimming, French classes and golf lessons,” said Matthew with a laugh. “They’re always busy. I sometimes feel like a taxi service taking them from place to place.

“But I enjoy it because when I am home, I’m not working. I’m with them 24/7.”

Also a member of the Ladies European Tour, Matthew takes advantage of the opportunity to compete in the Ladies Scottish Open every year. This year, she captured her 11th worldwide victory at the event at the beginning of September, the second time in three years the Scot has won her national open.

She says having the opportunity to play on home soil allows for her children to see their mom in action.

“To win at home, I don’t get a chance to play in Scotland very often and it was at a course I’m a member of and play and practice on just five minutes away from my house,” said Matthew. “It’s very special especially because you have family and friends watching. My children could come out and watch so it’s just nice to be at home and play a tournament.”

There’s no secret formula to Matthew’s long and steady career, but she has found that spacing out her season with two-week breaks while putting the clubs away during the offseason has helped extend her golf career.  

“Taking the break always helps me,” said Matthew. “No matter where you are I think you’ve got to get away from golf for a little while every year. I think having that break and being at home with the two children, it’s very busy and your focus isn’t just golf. That always keeps me fresh.”

At 44, Matthew is as fit as she’s ever been and is playing some of the best golf of her 19-year career. With five top-10 finishes, including a runner-up at the Wegmans LPGA Championship, this season, there seems to be no end in sight for this super mom. 

“I think that when you get to a stage where you think you can’t get any better then you know you’re probably starting to come to the end,” said Matthew. “I feel as though I always have room for improvement. I love being competitive and I think you have to keep that going. You’ve got to love being in the hunt for Sunday.”




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