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Fun Fact Friday Featuring Julia Boland

Julia Boland
Photo Credit: Scott Miller

Welcome to the next edition of Fun Fact Friday the weekly series where LPGA.com will share with you five random facts about a player. Consider it a combination of information, gratitude and insight into what it is that makes them tick. Check in each week for a new player and hopefully you'll learn something you didn't already know about your favorite player. 

This week Julia Boland shares five random facts.

1.   If Boland's American friends had to describe her to people that had not met her they would definitely warn them about her Aussie accent and that she's talkative. She also thinks they might mention she reasonably nice and very funny.
2.   Boland finds that reading is the best way to pass time while traveling.
3.   She snacks on Jerky while on the course.
4.   If you ever have the chance for Boland to cook for you, ask her to make you blueberry pancakes!
5.   You'll find these top three things on her bucket list?

- Take all of her nieces and nephews to Disney World
- Cruise through Alaska
- Go to Greece


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