For the Love of the Fans: Commissioner Mike Whan and Nicole Castrale


Today, I had the best experience of my life, and I want to thank Commissioner Michael Whan, Nicole Castrale and all the very nice caddies and gentlemen in their group for that experience. I WILL NEVER FORGET IT.

What happened today was a miracle. I was standing behind the 10th tee box with my dad watching the LPGA girls tee off and talking to two very nice caddies - Jim and Scot. Then a group of men came up to the tee box and one of them came over and gave me a golf ball marker. I recognized the LPGA-USGA JUNIOR GIRLS GOLF name on the marker and I told him that go to Junior Girls golf. He asked me if I was a player and I said yes. I watched them tee off and then the gentleman who gave me the ball marker called me to go over and hit a ball. I was VERY NERVOUS, but I went up and hit a drive with his driver. I did hit a good one. Then, when I started walking back to my dad, he called me over to follow them because I had to hit the next shot. This was the begining of my miracle day. I wasn't nervous after the next shot. I played 7 of their remaining 8 holes .....I had such a blast....

The caddies told me that the gentleman who gave me the ball marker was the LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan. I didn't know what a commissioner was, but I knew he was important. The Commissioner and Nicole were fun to play with. All the caddies were very nice too, and they gave me words of encouragement if I wanted to play on tour. Watching Nicole play really made me want to play on the LPGA Tour. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE....Thank you, Commissioner Whan, thank you Nicole, and thank you Caddies Jimmy, Jim, Mike, Scot, and Nicole's caddie ...ooops I forgot his name...sorry ...... for the GREAT DAY...

Thank You,
Tiana Teatai Ariki

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